Store books in Dropbox, sync and read them on PocketBook Touch Lux.

New firmware for PocketBook Touch Lux is now available with Dropbox integration. Dropbox is one of the most popular services for cloud storage in the world which allows you to sync your files across multiple platforms and devices. With Dropbox, your files can be automatically downloaded on any device with Dropbox application installed or you can access/update the files directly from Dropbox website.

Touch Lux reader (now with Dropbox integration) allows you to easily and automatically sync files available on your Dropbox account without any special software needed, to activate the service on your eReader all you need to do is to login to the service from inside device settings and enjoy the synchronized books in your library.

By activating this service on your PocketBook Touch Lux, you can forget about wires and the need for connecting your device to a PC each time you need to update your library. With dropbox service integration, your eReader can instantly synchronize and have its content updated over the air.

Furthermore, not only books can be synchronized, but RSS and audiobooks as well.

Dropbox service will be integrated for Touch family in future firmware releases.