ReadRate – a new service for booklovers

ReadRate – the latest service launched by PocketBook and designed by Obreey Products, aims at enriching the reading experience for book lovers by providing new and easy ways for readers to have a more sociable, enjoyable and fulfilling reading experience.

“Readrate” will introduce you to a new world where you’re few clicks away from expressing and sharing your reading passion not only to your friends and family -no matter where they are- but also to others around the world who share the same passion.

Using “Readrate” you can share your favorite quotes, like and comment on your favorite books and publish all that to your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki where your friends will be able to comment and discuss it with you!

Never again will you run out of new topics about new books with your social circles, your relationships will be revived and more exciting than ever.

All those features –and more- will be a click away while you’re enjoying reading any book on your PocketBook eReader, whereas your PocketBook eReader can be directly linked to your favorite social network allowing others to know what you’re “Now reading”, “Have read” and which books you “Like”.

“Readrate” enables you to browse through thousands of book shelves by easily sorting them by genre, most popular, most-commented on or most recommended by users.

From any internet enabled device, you can search a famous book title and read what people are saying about it, mark it as “Planning to read” for later review.

“ReadRate” will keep you up to date with information about the latest book releases and recommend the ones that will best match your taste based on your previous book reviews. You can recommend books to your friends and have them recommend books to you as well.

Your choice of “ReadRate” will bring you closer to your friends because it will allow them to view, comment and like your book choices, they will also be able to share their own favorite quotes, book titles and interests with you.