PocketBook CoverReader

Obreey Products is showcasing PocketBook CoverReader at IFA in Berlin, basically a fold-out case for Android smartphones featuring a built-in eInk reader.

PocketBook CoverReader is an advanced cover that acts like a flip cover, replacing the back cover of the smartphone and connecting the e Ink screen cover side via the smartphone’s standard Micro USB.

The first generation of PocketBook CoverReader will be compatible with Galaxy S4 – the flagship smartphone from Samsung, featuring a 4.3″ eInk Pearl screen with an aspect ratio of 5:3 and a resolution of 800*480, along with a 2-zone strain gauge touch screen.

The second generation of PocketBook CoverReader will use flexible displays produced by Plastic Logic, and will be compatible with an expanded selection of smartphones by popular brands such as HTC, Sony, Samsung and other manufacturers.

PocketBook CoverReader allows you to read books in PDF (including DRM protected), EPUB (including DRM protected), DjVu, TXT, FB2, and FB2.zip. Support for extended list of other formats will be available in future updates for PocketBook Reader  Android application.

Some additional features of the PocketBook cover include displaying text and pictures from any Android application that support standard Android “Share” menu; setting the background wallpaper for use when CoverReader is idle; and display notifications for missed calls and SMS.