Obreey Products has released PocketBook reader for iOS

PocketBook reader allows you to customize your reading experience by adjusting text size, layouts, colors and many other options.
Read, search, make notes& highlights in PDF (ADOBE DRM), EPUB (ADOBE DRM), DjVu, txt, FB2, FB2.zip book formats. Enjoy a unique, fast and user-friendly interface that was designed to provide the most convenient set of options for you to fully enjoy reading a book.

Main features:
- Scroll or turn pages by swiping or tapping on the edge of the screen;
- Use single page, dual page or scroll viewing modes;
- Search text to find needed information;
- Highlight text and make notes;
- Adjust display brightness when reading;
- Lock screen orientation, if necessary;
- Quickly access to book annotation, table of contents, notes and highlights;
- Share thoughts about books with Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail, SMS.
PDF&DjVu features:
- Crop page margins manually or automatically to fit page content to the screen size;
- Use pinch and stretch gestures to zoom in or out page;
- Use double touch to zoom to a particular text fragment.
EPUB&FB2&TXT features:
- Use pinch and stretch gestures to change the font size;
- Change text and background color, PocketBook reader supports four color themes (night, day, sepia and gray).